Ready to increase online payments 4-10 times over your existing portal?

Many businesses are experiencing less than ideal results when taking payments online. But there is a better way. At revExpress, we help hundreds of businesses drive dramatic results through our time-tested strategies.

Increased Revenue

Increase your online payments by 400% or more, by choosing a portal that consumers actually use.

Recurring Payments

Taking recurring payments online and staying Reg E compliant has never been easier.

Built in Negotiator

Simple to use. If you can click a mouse you can use our negotiator tool.

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Increased Revenue Through Simplicity

Our clients are generating 4 – 10 times more payments with our simple 5-step process:

1) Give the consumer a compelling reason.
Our payment sites can be personalized. In simple terms will attract more eyeballs than

2) No navigation for the consumer.
With Express Pay, there is no navigating or frustration of trying to figure out where to go to make a payment.

3) Pre-population of each payment site.
There is no typing of long account numbers, no inputting boring information. It is already displayed on the screen for the consumer to approve.

4) No registering for an account.
If your consumers have to register for an account before they can pay, you are costing yourself thousands of dollars each month.

5) Measure the results.
We will give you the tools you need to measure your results so you can see the improvement for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it. Schedule a free demo and see for yourself.

Recurring Payments

With just a few clicks of a mouse, the consumer can specify how much money down and over how many months they will make payments.

Once the payment plan is created, the entire payment plan is rendered in detail with the date and amount of the payment. Reg E verbiage automatically populates the screen for them to agree and e-sign.

All payment plan information is logged and available via the reporting function inside the user interface. Any breaks in the payment plan are available by our reporting tool.

ExpressPay even generates an email notifying the consumer that a payment will be drafted per their agreed plan.

Additional Benefits


We think it is pathetic when companies hide their fees or make it crazy complicated to understand. Our pricing is simple, straightforward and affordable.

Better Compliance

In addition to being HIPAA, PCI Level 1 and Regulation E compliant, our system is designed to help businesses that are collecting receivables to deal with the onerous burdens that the Federal and State government impose.

World-class Support

Even with an easy-to-use product like revExpress Payments, we have a team of people that can help with any issue that might arise.

Log-off Notifications

If a consumer logs onto their pay site and doesn’t make a payment, we alert you immediately so you can contact them by phone.

Tie Accounts

Display multiple accounts at one time.

Complete Customization

Express Pay gives you total design control. Each Express Pay site is branded with your look and feel.

Airtight security

Using state-of-the-art cloud technology, we have all the certifications you require to handle sensitive information. Our certifications include HIPAA, PCI level 1 and Regulation E compliance.

Mobile Devices

With close to half of all transactions now done on mobile devices, all revExpress Pay sites look and work perfectly on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Display Forms or Letters

Use the website to display statements or notices that have been sent to the consumer.

SaaS Solutions

Means you will always be state-of-the-art.

Proven Results! Learn more with a free demo.