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How to Make Your Payment Portal Out of This World


In today’s world of mobile businesses and the ability to get almost anything you want with a click on your phone, the importance of a secure payment portal cannot be overstated. You need to earn your customers’ trust, because consumers are only going to return to websites that are reliable, secure, trustworthy, easy-to-use and simple to understand. This may sound like a tall order, because it is, but it’s also essential. There are many options out there so customers can afford to be picky. Make your payment portal easy-to-use and quick to load. Fun and friendly helps also and great customer service never goes out of style. People want to use services that fit their own personal style. Let that be you.

Secure Payment Options

Card processing is one of the most common forms of online payment, so you must offer secure online payment options to be successful. Internet security has improved greatly in recent years, but so have hackers and online fraud. Your site must have security measures in place like checking CVC (card verification codes) and be PCI compliant. Banks also help to crack down on potential fraudulent activities.

Online card processing has become a reliable method of payment, but it still has its doubters, particularly older customers, who may be hesitant to provide financial details with “strangers”. That’s why it is so important to have a site that is easy to understand, easy to navigate and promotes a friendly manner. There needs to be trust between parties.

Choose the Best Checkout System For You

There are three types of checkout systems you can use: hosted, inline or API. Check out these brief descriptions and decide which might work best for your business.

The hosted checkout system is probably the easiest to set up and use. Hosted means your selected payment processing company handles every aspect of the checkout; your customers will actually go completely off of your website to enter their card information and complete the purchase. This is the best option for businesses that don’t have much technical expertise, who don’t want to become PCI compliant, and who are comfortable handing over control of the process to their provider.

Inline solutions basically open a module on your website and are similar to hosted in that the provider basically handles everything to do with the actual sale. However, the inline solution reduces friction and lost sales by using the module (with the provider’s URL hidden) instead of sending customers to an unknown domain to enter their card information.

API payment portals are the most technical and keep the customers on the business website. API payment solutions are the most customizable and branded way to set up a payment portal. This option places control in the hands of the actual merchant and requires some technical knowledge to implement. Merchants who use an API solution must also maintain PCI certification. Your business will usually have more control with the API payment solution.

Besides types of checkout systems, according to there are three main things to look for in a payment processing system:

-Does it support the payment methods that you need for your business?

-How much will it cost your business…per month and per transaction?

-Are there any extra features you need in a payments portal?

Understand all of the Fees Involved

Fees are sometimes tricky to figure out. Make sure that you understand transaction fees, percentage fees and fixed fees. Don’t get surprised by these fees, find out ahead of time. There also can be fees for chargebacks, disputes and other payment services. If you have a high-volume business, these fees can quickly add up.

Your Customers Will Like It

Your online payment portal is great for your business because it makes payments easier for you and your customers. This is a win-win. Customers can pay when they want, from anywhere they want with their mobile devices and how they want. Your business gets paid, usually faster than with “snail mail” and everyone is happy. Making the payment process easy, quick and convenient is good for business.

Use revExpress for Online Payment Success

When considering a mobile-enabled payment website for your business, take a good look at revExpress. The most recognized brands use revExpress to collect money online, gain express consent and deliver secure documents. If you’re seeking a mobile site with an easy start-up, great security, affordability and no long-term contracts, then reExpress is the mobile payment website for you and your business.

If you would like check out a free demonstration of our payment portal CLICK HERE and pick a time that works for you.

Here’s to your online success.


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