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Treating Your Collection Letter Like a Marketing Piece

The most difficult part of a debt collector’s job is establishing a positive connection with the consumer they are collecting from. Establishing this connection is essential to increasing conversion rates. One of the most overlooked ways to build a relationship with...

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How to Make Your Payment Portal Out of This World

In today’s world of mobile businesses and the ability to get almost anything you want with a click on your phone, the importance of a secure payment portal cannot be overstated. You need to earn your customers’ trust, because consumers are only going to return to...

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The 4 Laws of Online Payment Portal Success

All payment portals are not created equal. If you are a business owner, you may have noticed that the mere inclusion of an online payment portal does not necessarily lead to greater conversion rates. Why do some companies have greater conversion rates than others,...

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Why Mobile-Enabled Payment Websites are Essential

Mobile-enabled payment websites are essential for successful businesses in 2017. If you aren’t optimized for mobile, you’re losing sales and turning away business. A successful mobile-enabled payment website must be accessible to all mobile devices, easy to use, and...

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2 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Payment Portal

In this podcast we discuss "2 Proven Ways You Can Increase Traffic to Your Online Payment Portal." If you are in the business of collecting money online this is a must listen. Enjoy! Attend a revExpress Demo and learn... 3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Online Payments....

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PCI Compliance as it Relates to Taking Online Payments

Any organization that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data, must be PCI Compliant. So, first of all, what is PCI Compliance? PCI Compliance is a set of security standards designed to protect against security breaches. The Payment Card Industry Data...

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How to Create Letters that Convert to Payments

It never ceases to amaze me how simple things in life go over looked. This principle was glaringly apparent to me when I looked over the piece of mail below from a hospital that was recently sent to me. After analyzing the letter I was left both confused and...

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